In 2014, the company BONA J. d.o.o. commemorates its 12th year in business. We are a reliable and credible business partner with a long history of experience with transportation, delivery and storage of goods. We are present is all Slovenian regions on a daily basis.

Monthly, we deliver over 10,000 packages with a fleet of twelve delivery vans. The majority of deliveries are made by the next day.

We offer the delivery of goods and additional services relating to the preparation and shipment of goods. Customers can track their packages using our online application; we arrange the exact time, date and location with the customer prior to delivery. We also offer a storage and warehousing service to make your business run smoother, as we take on the entire process of delivery to the end customer.

Our services are mainly suitable for companies whose activities include:

  • Online shopping
  • Catalogue sales
  • Telephone marketing for the sale of products

We carry out all our services in accordance with regulations, and take into account the provisions of the carrier and the contract, in our terms and conditions we define our manner of conducting business and the company's and customer's obligations.


Bona J

Business consultancy and services ltd.

+386 3 56 60 484
+386 3 56 60 483

+386 41 700 180

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Selo pri Zagorju 77
1410 Zagorje ob Savi
Slovenija (European Union)

Matična št.: 1785559000
ID for VAT: SI39523055
year of establishment: 2002

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